Every good idea comes from a need

A friend of ours was visiting from Zurich Switzerland. He and his family stayed in Sydney for around 18 months. During that time he lived in Bondi and in Bronte, on Sydney’s Eastern suburbs. A keen runner and swimmer, with a twenty something family, it didn’t take long for them to fall in love with our Australian beaches and way of life. Bronte to them was a paradise, and soon they had become locals along the cafe strip at the beach.

Unfortunately all good things come to an end and the time soon arrived when they had to return home. Knowing I also lived locally, he asked if I knew how to buy a Bronte SLSC hoodie for him to take back home. I had no idea, but I soon found the club contacts to talk to about buying some merch. My timing was off and all they had in stock was the Bronte hats. Great, but not really what he wanted.

It’s tough for clubs to have stock back piled, a fine balance between inventory management and cashflow. How could clubs and groups manage this easier and have a good variety of stock on hand without the massive cash outlay? Print on Demand is a service where anyone can print one-off’s with no minimum order. Thats great but only really half of the problem. Web development, ecommerce, ongoing management of a website, design, order management, customer service and fulfilment are equally as taxing and costly.

To me this was a problem worth solving. Merch Van was developed to answer all of these problems and deliver a service that was a one stop shop, for anyone to launch an ecommerce store with custom merch.

We are a hardworking, local Tamarama beach couple who are tech savvy, ecommerce, entrepreneurs.

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